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Sri Azhagia Shanta Manavala Perumal temple

Moolavar : Azhagia Shanta Manavala Perumal
Urchavar : Azhagia Shanta Manavala Perumal
Amman / Thayar : Padmavathi Thayar
Thala Virutcham : Uranga Puli ? literally meaning a tamarind Tree that never sleeps
Theertham : Iranga Kinaru- literally meaning a well in which none go down.
Agamam / Pooja : NA
Old year : 500-1000 years old
Historical Name : Dharmaranya Kshetram
City : Vathirairuppu
District : Virudhunagar
State : Tamil Nadu




   While Aadi Pooram in July-August is the main festival of the temple, presiding deity is taken in procession on Purattasi Saturdays in September-October.

Temple's Speciality:

   Presiding deity Lord Azhagia Shanta Manavala Perumal graces facing east holding His discus and conch in the upper hands, the lower right assuring boons to devotees (abhayahastha) and the left holding a club. There are two Garudas in the temple, one carrying the Lord and ready to fly and the other sitting in a worshipping form keeping two hands together.

Opening Time:

   The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


   Sri Azhagia Shanta Manavala Perumal Temple, Arjunapuram, Vathirairuppu ? 626 132, Virudhunaar district.



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*Sources from Dinamalar.com

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