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Sri Jambukeswarar temple

Moolavar : Jambukeswarar
Urchavar : Chandrasekharar, Somaskandar
Amman / Thayar : Akhilandeswari
Thala Virutcham : Ven Naval tree
Theertham : Nava theertham
Agamam / Pooja : Saivagama, Sri Vidya Vaideega Puja
Old year : 1000-2000 years old
Historical Name : Tirupalathurai
City : Thiruvanaikaval
District : Thiruchirapalli
State : Tamil Nadu


   The shrine is sung by Saivite Saint Tirunavukkarasar advising devotees to pray to Lord of Tiruvanaika day in and day out for a care free life singing His glory. This is the 60th Lord Shiva temple on the northern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns.


   Panguni Brahmmotsavam in March-April and Aadi Pooram and Fridays in July-August are the festivals elaborately celebrated in the temple.

Temple's Speciality:

   Lord Jambukeswarar is a swayambumurthy. Of the Panchabudhas-Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space on which world exists, the temple place belongs to Water importance-Appu sthala.

Opening Time:

   The temple is opened from 5.30 a.m. to 1.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.


   Sri Jambukeswarar-Akhilandeswari Temple, Tiruvanaikaval-620 005, Trichy district


   91-431- 2230 257.

General Information:

   Mother Maha Saraswathi graces the devotees from behind the Lord?s shrine in a standing form but without Veena. Nearby is Chandra the Moon with Karthika and Rohini. Other important shrines are that of Lord Panchamukha Vinayaka (with five faces) and Sani Baghwan with Jeshtadevi. Kubera Linga worshipped by Kubera is on the bank of Jambu Theertham to whom abishek is performed with three fruits-plantain, mango and jack on Aani Poornima day-full moon in June-July.


   Devotees pray for unity among husband and wife, for good matches for virgins, high yield in farming and for plenty of water for living.

Thanks giving:

   Devotees perform abishek to Lord and Mother offering vastras

Greatness Of Temple:

   Brahmma the Creator once loved a woman whom he created Himself, thus incurring Sthree Dosha. He approached Lord Shiva for relief. To help Brahmma Lord left Mount Kailas, when Mother Ambica expressed Her desire to accompany Him. Lord told Mother that Brahmma is weak towards women and advised Her to stay back. Mother suggested that She would come in His form with men?s dress and that Lord may follow in Her form. Agreeing to the suggestion, both set out in disguise. This event is described to prove the philosophy that Lord and Mother are but one. They granted darshan and pardon to Brahmma .

Temple History:

   Miracle Based: Lord is a swayambumurthy. Of the Panchabhudha sthalas, Tiruvanaika belongs to Water category.

Special Features:


*Sources from Dinamalar.com

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