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Sri Krupapureeswarar temple

Moolavar : Krupapureeswarar ? also Arutkonda Nathar, Aatkonda Nathar, Venupureeswarar
Urchavar : NA
Amman / Thayar : Mangalambikai, Verkanni Amman
Thala Virutcham : Mangalambikai, Verkanni Amman
Theertham : Pennai River, Neeli, Sivaganga, Kama, Arul Thurai, Dandu, (Sivnarkeni), Pandava, Vaikunda and Veda theerthams.
Agamam / Pooja : NA
Old year : 1000-2000 years old
Historical Name : Tiruvarul Thurai
City : Tiruvennai Nallur
District : Viluppuram
State : Tamil Nadu


   This is the temple where Saint Sundarar uttered the first song on Lord addressing him with the first word granted by Lord Himself - Pitha-Mad Man, promising that he would be for Him alone in the world. ? This is the 14th Shiva temple in Nadunaadu region praised in Thevaram hymns.


   Aadi Swathi star day in July-August with a two day festival for Sundarar is celebrated grandly. 10 day Panguni Uthiram with flag hoisting and float festival in March-April; Arudra darshan-Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January; Aavani Puttu-pudding festival in August-September; Skanda Sashti in October-November are other festivals devotionally celebrated in the temple.

Temple's Speciality:

   Lord Shiva is a swayambumurthy in the temple. It is in this historical temple that Lord Shiva appeared as an old man claiming Sundarar his attendant on his wedding day. After a long dispute and a Panchayat on the issue, Lord took Sundarar to his home in Tiruvennainallur and disappeared near the sanctum sanctorum of the temple leaving His footwear-Padukas- at the entrance. The Padukas are still in the temple for the darshan of the devotees. What is noteworthy in this episode is the procedure followed in settling a dispute. Divine poet Sekkizhar in his Periapuranam describes the scene. Heated arguments were exchanged between the old man-Lord Shiva and Sundarar. The judicial system in deciding a dispute should be under three main principles ? Aatchi-tradition, Aavanam-documentary evidence and Ayalar Kaatchi-eye witness. Lord Shiva won the case by producing a document signed by the ancestors of Sundarar as an evidence to prove his claim. The episode is long and quite interesting and spiritually enjoyable.

Opening Time:

   The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


   Sri Krupapureeswarar Temple, Tiruvennainallur-607 203, Tirukovilur taluk, Villupuram district.


   91-93456 60711

General Information:

   The temple is called Tiru Arul Thurai ? Home of Divine Blessings.??Mother Mangalambikai graces from the sanctum sanctorum with Her four hands in a standing form.??The mandap where the panchayat took place between old man Shiva and Sundarar still exists in the temple.??Lord Vinayaka of the temple is praised as Polla Pillayar.


   Lord Shiva blesses the devotees with total mental peace, oratory skill and excellence in education, above all His full blessings.??Polla Pillayar in the temple is not a man-made idol but a swyambu.??He taught the great Saivite Acharya Meikanda Thevar when he was 5.??Those dumb pray to Him to gain speech skill.?People also light lamps with a mixture of four oils ? ghee, iluppu, coconut and gingely oil ? for wedding boon, child, job and professional success boons.

Thanks giving:

   It is the staunch belief of the devotees that their wedding plans would be successful if they worship Nandhi the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva with a garland also wearing one themselves. Nandhi is revered as the deity of Darmas-righteous law. People from other countries as Japan come here and perform yajnas for good health. People also conduct yajnas for relief from sins of past birth. The Jyoti Linga woshipped by the Navagrahas the nine planets is in this temple. If a devotee worships the sacred tree of the temple and light 5 lamps, he/she would not be affected by the adverse aspects of any of the nine planets either during their main or sub periods during their zodiac transits. Devotees perform abishek to Lord with gingely oil, turmeric, flour powders, milk, curd, fruit juices, sugar cane juice, honey, green coconut, panchamirtham a mixture of five items, sandal, rose water, sacred ash etc. They also offer vastras. Light ghee lamps. They perform abishek to mother with turmeric powder and offer saris and undertake feeding of visitors.

Greatness Of Temple:

   Lord Muruga-Shanmuganatha granted darshan to saint Arunagiriar in a dancing form with His peacock vahan in this temple.??It is here Mother bathed in the river to cool Herself from the fury of destroying demon Mahishasura.??Mother graces with all features of Mother Mahalakshmi with Sanga Nidhi, Padma Nidhi and also with Sri Chakra.??It is here Arujuna cleansed himself from the guilt of interfering in the privacy of his brother Dharma with Panchali and sought child boon.???A Brahmin got relief in this temple from the sin of using a pregnant cow for sacrifice in a yajna, by bathing in the Arul Thurai sacred spring.

Temple History:

   The Rishis of Tharukavana grew proud of their penance and conducted a yajna to destroy Lord Shiva.??But the Lord absorbed their evil designs and kept them under His control.??The Rishis realized their folly, performed penance and were forgiven by the Lord.??This is also a story behind the name of the name of the?Temple?TiruArul Thurai ? Place of Blessings.??As He showered His Krupa-forgiveness, the Lord is praised as Krupapureeswarar.??Vedas performed penance here as directed by the Lord and were granted darshan in the form of Fire as begged by them and became a swayambulinga.

Special Features:


*Sources from Dinamalar.com

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