Temple Structure

Small Hill Temple - Arulmigu Yoga Anjeneyar Temple




                        Lord  Yoga  Anjenaeyar Temple  is situated on a beautiful hill with 406 steps.  Pandava Theertham is at the  foot of this hill.  There are two mandapams  in  between  foot  hill  and the  entrance of Raja  Gopuram ( Main Tower).  This gopuram is facing north with 3  Storeys  and  5 Kalasams.  Yoga Anjeneyar Shrine is at right side.   We can see from here, the  flag staff of Big Hill Temple at the Western side. Yoga Anjeneyar is doing penance by looking at the feet of Yoga Narasimhar.

Yoga Anjeneyar

Hanumath Theertham 

     Adjacent to Lord Anjeneya Shrine is a big Tank called in so many names such as Rama Theertham, Hanumath Theertham, Chakra Theertham etc.

            There is a Mandapam with Lord Ramas Shrine at the eastern side of the tank.  Next to  this  is  Lord  Aranganathars Shrine. Three Vimanams are available on the shrines of Lord Anjeneya, Lord Aranganathar and Lord Rama.


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