Temple Structure of Arulmigu Yoga Narasimhar Temple

Big Hill Temple

Arulmigu  Yoga Narasimhar Temple

           Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple, popularly known as Big Hill Temple is situated in Kondapalayam village.  Brahmma Theertham is found en-route to hills.  It is told that 108 Theerthams  are  available in  Kadighachalam.  The  most  important one among all these theerthams, is Brahmma Theertham alias Thakkan Kulam ( Temple Tank).  The Length  of the   tank  is  300  feet  and  breath  200 feet.  It has 25 steps.   Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple is on the banks  of this Tank.  Float  Festival  and   Theerthavari  to  Perumal  is celebrated here.



     The length of Big Hill Temple is 200 feet and breadth 150 feet ; area   approximately  one  acre.  It is britt at 750 feet height   with  1305  steps.  There  are  seven Mandapams is between   the    foot  hill  and  the  entrance of  the temple.  These are constructed taking rest by devotees.


When we enter the Big Hill Temple, the beautiful entrance of the temple and surrounding hills will delight us.


          North facing Raja Gopuram ( Main Tower) consists 5 storeys and 7 kalasams. We can  see  a big  Pali Peetam and falg mast at the northern side.  The Town Temple where Urchavar (Processional Deity) is kept, has no separate flagmast.  A four pillared Thuvatha Sarathana  Mandapam  is  at  the outer corridor of Perumal shrine.  We worship Amrithavalli  Thayar shrine first  and  there more on to Perumal shrine.


               Goddess Amrithavalli is facing east.  After offering prayers to goddess if we move north we can see 2 Thuvarabalagar  guarding  the Lord.  After worshipping them, we can  enter  Lord  Narasimhars Shrine through a front hall.  Garudalval is standing in front of Perumal.  There is a  small  window at the backside of Garudalvar.Through this window, we can see the Small Hill.  It is told that the eyes of  Yoga  Anjaneya in Small Hill are fixed at the feet of Yoga Narasimhar. 


Hemakodi vimanam

       There is a small Unjal Swing Mandapam in Big Hill.  The Shrine of Arumigu Yoga Narasimha Swamy   consists  Hemakodi   vimanam with a kalasam.  Also vimanam with one kalasam is on the shrine of goddess Amirthavalli.

Unjal  Swing Mandapam

Vimanam (Thayar)

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